Tisane Euro-Asian Cafe: Fusion Fare in Hartford



Tisane Euro-Asian Cafe combines European cooking techniques and Asian spices for inventive and delicious dishes. The menu has a large selection of meals like flatbreads, burgers, pasta, and traditional Asian meals like Pad Thai, General Tso's Chicken, and Chilled Soba Noodles. Pair your meal with a drink from the full bar. Specialty teas and coffees […]

Salute Brings the Tastes of Tuscany to Hartford



With an extensive menu of authentic Italian dishes, fine wines, and an intimate Tuscan-themed dining lounge, you’ll find yourself transported to the Italian countryside at Salute. Every dish is made from scratch at Salute, from the pasta to the sauces, for freshness that you’ll taste with each bite. Kick off your meal with some sweet […]

Ichiban Japanese and Korean Restaurant: Try the Squid Bibimbap



The Japanese word “Ichiban” translates to English as “Number One,” and that is no idle boast. Locals rave that this pan-Asian restaurant is one of the area’s best values. Situated just a few miles from Hartford’s downtown, the owners pride themselves on their exceptional selection of Japanese and Korean dishes. The sushi here isn’t Americanized […]

The Claypen: Sculpt It



You can look at art, or make your own creations at the Claypen. Located in West Hartford, the Claypen puts creativity right into your own hands. Everyone from kids to adults can come to the Claypen, have fun and wind up with a creative treasure. First, you pick out your own piece of pottery from […]

How to Safely Exercise Outdoors During the Summer



Even if you’re a very fit person, exercising outdoors in hot summer weather can be dangerous. Unless you take the necessary precautions, the heat and humidity can cause dehydration, dizziness, and exhaustion. Here are a few smart tips to help you exercise safely outside all summer long. Stay hydrated. This one may seem obvious, but […]

Max Downtown: Upscale New American Cuisine



The Max Restaurant Group has grown into a number of some of Connecticut’s most popular restaurants, and they all offer up an irresistible combination of fine food and high-quality service. Under the leadership of Executive Chef Hunter Morton, the kitchen at Hartford's Max Downtown knocks out upscale American food that regulars hold in high regard. […]

Beef and Chicken Pho Wow Eaters at Pho Boston



American diners might not be accustomed to eating their steak in soup form, but the Vietnamese have been serving meat this way for many decades. The meat-laden soups are called pho, and they're a traditional part of many meals in Vietnam. At Pho Boston, chefs introduce Hartford residents to the classic eat—much to diners' delight. […]

New Facebook Sweepstakes! Enter to Win an iPad Mini!



To enter the Sweepstakes, visit our Facebook Page and then look for the Sweepstakes tab (image shown below) located on our Facebook Page to enter. Sweepstakes ends August 31st, 2016. We suggest you like our page to keep informed about future sweepstakes and community happenings. For mobile users, click here to enter.

Splash Beneath the Petals at Wolcott Park



Wolcott Park used to be a family farm, so its stretch of land has been a part of Hartford for many years. Today, the park is no longer a farm, but it's named for the family who owned it. Now when the summer sun warms up Hartford in June, families and little ones begin to […]

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