Try These Rustic Apple Tart Recipes This Weekend

September 22, 2015 | Admin

Instead of making your tried-and-true apple pie recipe for your next fall gathering, you may want to get a bit creative and experiment with an elegant apple tart instead. Although this dessert looks fancy, there are a number of different ways to cater it to all different levels of baking expertise. Here are three tasty tarts to try this weekend.

French Apple Tart []
Nothing compares to the art of French baking, and this gorgeous apple tart is proof of just that. Ina Garten tops her usual light, fluffy pastry crust with a layer of Granny Smith apples and bakes it to perfection to create a simple tart with a truly unique flavor.

Rustic Apple Tart []
If you want to create a tasty tart but don’t have much patience when it comes to baking, this is the tart for you. The crust is perfectly flaky and doesn’t require hours of chilling like many pie crusts do, and the layer of apricot preserves creates an unexpected flavor to complement the apples.

Apple Tart with Caramel Sauce []
Although many tarts are light and simple, this recipe uses warm caramel and a sturdy pie crust to create a more dense, filling dessert. Browning the apples in the oven also gives it a caramelized flavor that is ideal for fall.

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