Just Add Candlelight: Romantic Valentine’s Dinner Ideas for Two

January 26, 2016 | Admin

Whether you’re on a budget or you simply want to plan a more personalized Valentine’s Day date than dinner at a crowded restaurant, preparing a home-cooked meal for that special someone is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. Here are three romantic dinner ideas that are made for two—just be sure not to forget the candlelight!

Surf-and-Turf for Two [coastalliving.com]
This is normally one of the priciest dishes on the menu at an upscale restaurant, so preparing it at home is a more affordable way to enjoy an indulgent Valentine’s Day meal. With tender, juicy steak and plump scallops cooked in a champagne-butter sauce, this meal will surely elicit a thank-you kiss.

Creamy Tomato Soup [myrecipes.com]
Valentine’s Day falls at the tail end of the winter in most parts of the country, so snuggle up with your better half over a bowl of steaming hot tomato soup. Gain a few extra romance points by pairing it with grilled cheese sandwiches cut into festive heart shapes.

Mini Heart Pizzas [thenerdswife.com]
Pizza is the fastest route to just about anyone’s heart, as you’ll quickly learn when you present your special someone with these adorable (and delicious) mini pizzas. They’re baked in the shape of hearts for a more festive flair, and they’re so easy to make that even the most novice home chef can prepare them with ease.

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