River Highlands State Park: Drink in Beautiful Views from the Bluffs

February 2, 2016 | Admin

Before River Highlands State Park existed, all of its 177 acres were fields where farmers grew crops and pastures where cows grazed. That changed in 2001 when the park was dedicated to preserve the wildlife that lives along the Connecticut River, even in the midst of ongoing commercial and residential development in Cromwell.

Take a contemplative stroll through the towering beech, oak, and white pine trees at River Highlands State Park and drink in the beautiful views. Whether you're 15 feet above the river or 150 feet, gazing at its gushing waters culminates in a sense of calm you simply can't find indoors. The bluffs, in particular, are the most breathtaking aspect of River Highlands State Park. Hike to the top for a stunning view from 130 feet above the Connecticut River.

River Highlands State Park
Field Road
Cromwell, CT 06416

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