Commit These Must-Know Kitchen Terms to Memory


Knowing the proper kitchen terms can mean the difference between your cake rising or flopping, your casserole baking or burning, and your steak tasting juicy and flavorful instead of dry and bland. Here are a few cooking terms that every at-home chef should know. Al dente. Though you’ve likely seen this term on the menu […]

New to the Kitchen? Memorize These Basic Cooking Terms


When you’re about to make a new dish, it helps to know exactly how to interpret each term in the recipe. More than just abbreviations like "tsp." or "oz.," recipes often include phrases like "blanch," "caramelize," and "pickle," making it a little more challenging to know if you're making it correctly. Here are four kitchen […]

How to Eat Healthy When Dining Out


You really never know how a meal is prepared when you’re eating out, and even the healthiest seeming salad can be packed with fattening cheeses, heavy oils, and excessive amounts of sodium. Instead of boycotting restaurants, use these smart tips for eating healthy while eating out. Know the lingo. When navigating the menu, recognize that […]

Healthy Seafood Recipes for Lunch or Dinner


Many home chefs are often intimidated by preparing seafood, either because of its delicate texture or because they simply don’t know which types to buy. These tasty and nutritious recipes can take the guesswork out of cooking with fish, shrimp and other types of seafood. Baja-Style Salmon Tacos Unlike many restaurant tacos, this recipe adds […]

Try This Healthy Baked Pork Chop Recipe for Dinner Tonight


Baked pork chops are a traditional dinner recipe that feels warm and cozy, especially on a chilly night. If you’re looking for a modern, healthy update to your traditional pork chop meal, pair this recipe with a side of brown rice and a serving of broccoli for a nutritious meal that the whole family will […]

Eating Gluten-Free? Avoid These Surprising Sources of Gluten!


Giving up gluten is becoming an increasingly popular diet trend. It's said to offer health benefits ranging from stomach pain relief and increased energy to lessened joint pain. Here are some surprising foods that contain gluten. Pickles. While many people think of bread-like foods when they think of gluten, pickles are just one surprising source […]

Stumped by Cooking Conversions? Bookmark These 3 Websites!


Using precise measurements is very important when cooking or baking, but that can be difficult to do when a recipe uses the Metric system or a tool using a unit of measurement that you don’t have on hand. Bookmark these cooking measurement equivalent websites to use during your next kitchen endeavor. Info Please This simple, […]

Make Family Dinners More Fun With These Recipes


As your kids get older, getting them to sit down to a family dinner becomes more and more difficult. No matter how busy your family is, your kids will come running to the table as soon as they smell these simple and delicious meals. Pork and Mango Stir-Fry Everyone loves ordering take-out, and this tasty […]

Find Creative Thanksgiving Recipes Online with These Sites


Sure, the big turkey is a given, but planning the rest of your Thanksgiving menu can seem a bit daunting. If you’re looking for simple, easy-to-follow recipes for creative and delicious Thanksgiving foods, these popular websites can help: The Food Network The Food Network is a go-to choice for cooking shows and competitions, but the […]

Low Sodium Cooking: 4 Great Tips To Add Flavor, Not Salt


If you suffer from high blood pressure, or are just trying to get healthier by cutting back on your salt intake, check out these great tips for low sodium cooking from WebMD. Try incorporating them into your diet, and you'll feel better in no time! Stick with real food. Processed stuff often stays good by […]

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