The Claypen: Sculpt It


You can look at art, or make your own creations at the Claypen. Located in West Hartford, the Claypen puts creativity right into your own hands. Everyone from kids to adults can come to the Claypen, have fun and wind up with a creative treasure. First, you pick out your own piece of pottery from […]

Splash Beneath the Petals at Wolcott Park


Wolcott Park used to be a family farm, so its stretch of land has been a part of Hartford for many years. Today, the park is no longer a farm, but it's named for the family who owned it. Now when the summer sun warms up Hartford in June, families and little ones begin to […]

D & D Market: Shop Smart


If you’re looking for an exceptional Italian deli in Hartford, this place fits the bill. Vito D’Aprile opened D & D Market all the way back in 1932. Through three generations of family, the market has continued to accomplish that task to the present day. The butcher shop here is one of the best in […]

Theaterworks: A Hartford Playhouse


A community theater is an essential part of a town’s creative life, so the minds behind Hartford’s Theaterworks are to be commended for creating a comfortable, inviting space for local writers, directors and actors to present their material. Patrons rave about the intimate nature of the performance space – at just around 150 seats, you’re […]

Spotlight Theaters: Bargain Movies in Hartford


Enjoy a first run movie at Spotlight Theaters. The theater is full of comfortable seating and all your favorite concessions. You can even purchase beer and wine to bring into the movie with you. Before the movie relax in the Bistro while enjoying a meal like a steak with mashed potatoes and the delicious red […]

Modern Pastry: Classic Treats in Hartford, Connecticut


The sign might say “Modern Pastry,” but many of the products within are classics. This Hartford bakery has become a popular local spot where visitors can find baked treats ranging from every day treats like cannoli to chic specialty cakes perfect for special occasions. Visit and you'll discover treats like Modern Pastry's Vanilla Pyramid (a […]

Cinestudio: Classic Cinema


Located downtown on the campus of Trinity College, Cinestudio was founded as a cooperative theater by students, and still runs that way today. An independent theater, Cinestudio shows classic movies, art films and new releases in an environment that shows you what movie-going used to be all about. Go back in time when you enter […]

Elizabeth Park: Downtown Beauty


Consisting of over 100 acres in West Hartford, Elizabeth Park gives residents and visitors a beautiful respite from city life. 2012 celebrates the park’s rose garden, the oldest and certainly one of the most beautiful in the country. Over 15,000 species of roses line walkways, fences and arches. The sights and smells are not to […]

Bushnell Park Brings History to Hartford


Bushnell Park has existed for more than a century in Hartford, a 37-acre enclave from the busy city. It's the oldest public park in the country, and so culturally rich that it's claimed a spot on the National Register of Historic Places, particularly as a result of its historic artwork. The artwork shows up in […]

Keney Park: 684 Acres to Explore in Hartford


Keney Park doesn't technically belong all to Hartford. Of its 694 acres, only 584 of them are located within Hartford's boundaries—the other 110 overflow into neighboring Windsor. But that doesn't keep Hartford locals from flocking to the park in droves. After all, it's the biggest park in the entire city, so you can almost feel […]

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